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Nurture and Nature Montessori, Dougasdale

Malakai and Jude

I would, (and I do to anyone that will listen), recommend Nurture and Nature Montessori to parents of all children with all scopes of different developmental and emotional needs, whether the parent would like a more structured and traditional preparation for their child going to a traditional educational mainstream system, or a parent wishing for a more alternative and continual Montessori facility going forward.

This is because all the caregivers at Nurture and Nature Montessori in Magaliessig take into consideration the needs of the family as a whole, as well as the individual child. Many times I have been assisted and supported in many aspects of my boys’ developmental milestones from potty training, sleeping and dropping naps to the insatiable meltdowns (including my own meltdowns!)

The preparation my boys are receiving in this inviting and well looked after environment is simply PRICELESS!

Thank you Nurture and Nature family!

Olivia – working mom just trying to get through the wonderful and blessed “dark years”💜

Lizzie and Christopher

Pam runs a great school. She is involved and knows every child by name. The teachers and staff are great and deeply care about the children. I am a Montessori convert!


A fantastic pre-school which is well managed, the teachers are all passionate about the jobs which comes through in the children loving school. My daughter was there for 3 years and her development& growth personally as well as educationally was phenomenal. Highly recommended.

Ethan and Devan

A truly wonderful school! My oldest boy had the best possible foundation provided at Nurture and Nature and is now confident and happy in ‘Big School’ and doing brilliantly in Grade 1. My younger son is in his second year at Nurture and Nature, and all I can say is that it just keeps getting better and better. The teachers are excellent and I cannot praise the assistants and support staff enough for all the care and love they show all the children. I always highly recommend this school – your child will be encouraged, loved and guided every day. What more can a parent ask for!


The most incredible preschool we could’ve asked for. The teachers are not only knowledgeable but also warm and kind, and the true results of the Montesorri “method” are so clear here. I feel they are more relaxed than some of the other traditional preschools, yet yield better results in terms of education. Such a great combo.

Daniel and Callum

If you are looking for a loving and nurturing environment to send your precious littles to school, nurture and nature is absolutely amazing. The staff are caring, friendly and very attentive. They make the curriculum (themes) fun and the kids want to learn. Best decision we ever made.


Dearest Annie and all staff at Nurture and Nature, It is with great sadness that Mila is leaving Nurture and Nature Montessori for logistical reasons as we are moving home. We are devastated as we had Mila in two schools before finding Nuture and Nature and I know she had loved every day since Joining there in January 2011. I am so sad that Mila will not finish the year with Teacher Nessie as she is a true gem of a teacher. She has been incredible with Mila and I know that she has thrived in her care. I know that Mila felt very secure with Teacher Nessie as she would only be happy to part from me in the mornings if I handed Mila over to her. I loved my daily chats with her, her weekly email to me and most of all I will miss the insight she gave me into Mila’s personality. She was in a sense Mila’s other Mommy and I am honored to have shared this space with such an incredible teacher.Her class assistant, Amanda is so sweet and the children adore her and I think one will go a long way to find someone like her – she is kind, assertive and funny and I know Mila is going to miss her warm welcome every morning and her special hugs. I am eternally grateful for her beautiful spirit and the impact she has had on Mila. All the other assistants, Barbsie, Patience and Fortune have also moulded, cared, protected and loved my Mila with such heart and passion and to them I am eternally grateful for their presence in Mila’s life and I know they have played a role in shaping her into the beautiful spitited d child she has become. I thank Lea-Anne from the bottom of my heart for introducing us to the Montessori system and for all the love, learning and nurturing Mila has received while in her care. I will never forget how Lea-Anne the Principal of the school, took Mila under her wing from the beginning even though she wasn’t in her class and laid down with Mila at nap time so she could sleep. I know Mila has a very special place in her heart and Mila will always remember Teacher Annie. I cant recommend Nurture and Nature more highly and I wish you all much love and much success. The de Lacerda Family


Dearest Nurture and Nature (Annie and Staff) I just wanted to write a short letter to you all to thank you for being such an amazing part of our lives since you opened in 2008 and took our Madison into your beautiful school- Madi was one of the first Jive children to join you at just 18 months old and she has loved every minute of every single day with all of you. Being working parents, it was so very difficult decision for us to finally put Madi into full time care so that she could have interaction with other children, but after viewing seven schools back then, yours being the last, I just knew when we met you that we had made the right choice. Leeanne, I have to extend a special thanks to you for always put my mind at ease by addressing my queries, concerns and strange questions with such proficiency, honesty and vigor. Your enthusiasm and love for every child in the school is endless and admirable and your patience…please send some my way. Thank you for always involving us with your decisions, your ideas and the constant updates. Always obliging, always open to new ideas! You were always just a phone call away if I was stuck and always willing to go the extra mile to help out where Madison was concerned. You are more than just one of her school teachers and she asks about you constantly. The foundation of the Montessori way that you have shown my child has taught her patience, perseverance and most of all to enjoy learning. Now at an IB school here in Singapore, she loves every moment of the learning phase and that is testament to the foundation you have laid for her as her teacher. Thankyou! I had my only child at Nurture and Nature for 3 years, I would highly recommend the school to any parent wanting a happy place for their precious bundle. Madi was always safe, clean and happy and that is what makes Nurture and Nature so different from the other places I saw. Leeanne, you and your team are stars. Thank you!!! We miss you all so very much and can’t wait to come home and visit and hopefully see some familiar faces in the play ground. Wishing you ongoing success and much love. The van Niekerk Family.


My Dearest Lee –Anne,Time goes by so quickly and I’m simply amazed at what you have taught Simone in the 2.5 short years that she was with you! She started with you when she was just 16 months old, a little busy bee of note which desperately wanted social stimulation. You gave her tons of interesting things daily to stimulate and satisfy her curious little mind, so much so that it was almost impossible to keep her out of school even when she was sick with high fever. It is so stunning to see how all your students adore you, it shows in their behaviour and us moms have always been quite amazed at how it is that you achieve this and hence, have always come to you for your profound advice when the kids don’t listen at home. I knew straight away after I had come to see your school that it was the right one for Simone, on my way out two moms spoke to me and told me how gentle, patient and sensitive you were to your children’s needs and again how much they all adored you. Simone is a very sensitive little girl and was very attached to you for most of the time with you, thank you so much for allowing her to be so close to you, it brought her much of the confidence which she carries in “ big school” today J. A special thanks to your staff as well, Fortune and the ladies were always there for Moni, especially when she didn’t want me to go to work and during each and every day she spent there. Simone is one of the few kids in her class, grade 00 who can write her name with ease, can write all the numbers and do basic addition and subtraction! Thank you Lee – Anne for having given my child this immense boost, she will benefit from NURTURE AND NATURE MONTESSORI for the rest of her life!Thank you for the education, love and support you have given our child. My little baby Lola will be coming to you next year too. With love Juan , Juliette and Simone. Sophia Dear Lee-anne, Thank you sincerely for all your care and love of my precious daughter Sophia since she was 14 months old. She has grown into a confident and loving young girl and I thank you and Nurture and Nature for the positive influence you have had in this. I know Sophia will miss you dearly and all of the rest of the teachers and friends. Wishing you and your family every blessing for the future. Lotsa Love Dion, Rosette and Sophia.