Nurture and Nature Montessori Preschools

Nurture and Nature Calendar

We offer a comprehensive holiday program for the school holiday in April and August and until the middle of December.

Please note:

  • School closes at 12:00 on Break up days.
  • All South African Public holidays apply
  • If a Public holiday falls on a Tuesday or Thursday, the school will be closed on the Monday or Friday respectively.

2022 School Calendar:


Term 1:

  • Orientation: Tuesday 11th January
  • Open: Wednesday 12th January
  • Human Rights’ Day – school closed: Monday 21st March
  • Close: Wednesday 13th April 12h00
  • Holiday program: Thursday 14th April
  • Good Friday – school closed: Friday 15th April
  • Family Day – school closed: Monday 18th April
  • Holiday program: Tuesday 19th – Friday 29th April
  • Freedom Day – school closed: Wednesday 27th April


Term 2:

  • Workers Day – school closed: Monday 2nd May
  • School closed (cleaning): Tuesday 3rd May
  • Open: Wednesday 4th May
  • Youth Day – school closed: Thursday 16th June
  • Youth Day – school closed: Friday 17th June
  • Half term – Holiday program: Monday 27th June – 1st July
  • Close: Friday 5th August 12h00
  • National Women’s Day – school closed: Monday 8th August
  • National Women’s Day – school closed: Tuesday 9th August
  • Holiday program: Wednesday 10th August – Friday 2nd September


Term 3:

  • School closed (cleaning): Monday 5th September
  • Open: Tuesday 6th September
  • Close: Wednesday 7th December 12pm
  • Holiday program: Thursday 8th – Thursday 15th December