Nurture and Nature Montessori Preschools

Nurture and Nature Calendar

Nurture and Nature Montessori operates on the ISASA calendar (3 term).

Our school generally closes for school holidays in April, August and December. We offer a comprehensive holiday program for the school holiday in April and August and until the middle of December.

Please note:

  • School closes at 12:00 on Break up days.
  • All South African Public holidays apply
  • If a Public holiday falls on a Tuesday or Thursday, the school will be closed on the Monday or Friday respectively.

2022 School Calendar (Subject to change):

Term 1:

  • Orientation: Tuesday 11th January
  • Open: Wednesday 12th January
  • Human Rights’ Day – school closed: Monday 21st March
  • Close: Wednesday 13th April 12h00
  • Holiday program: Thursday 14th April
  • Good Friday – school closed: Friday 15th April
  • Family Day – school closed: Monday 18th April
  • Holiday program: Tuesday 19th – Friday 29th April
  • Freedom Day – school closed: Wednesday 27th April


Term 2:

  • Workers Day – school closed: Monday 2nd May
  • School closed (cleaning): Tuesday 3rd May
  • Open: Wednesday 4th May
  • Youth Day – school closed: Thursday 16th June
  • Youth Day – school closed: Friday 17th June
  • Half term – Holiday program: Monday 27th June – 1st July
  • Close: Friday 5th August 12h00
  • National Women’s Day – school closed: Monday 8th August
  • National Women’s Day – school closed: Tuesday 9th August
  • Holiday program: Wednesday 10th August – Friday 2nd September


Term 3:

  • School closed (cleaning): Monday 5th September
  • Open: Tuesday 6th September
  • Close: Wednesday 7th December 12pm
  • Holiday program: Thursday 8th – Thursday 15th December