Admission to Nurture and Nature Montessori

Admission to Nurture and Nature Montessori School is granted based on successful completion of the following steps:

  • School tour
  • Available placement.
  • Completion of Application form (online or via PDF) and submission of related documentation
  • Proof of payment of refundable deposit


Please contact us in order to book a tour or just to chat about any questions you may have.

First day of school

On the day your child begins school and the first day of the new school year please bring the following:


*All children:*

  • x2 packs of wet wipes
  • x1 bottle of sunscreen
  • x1 roll of paper towel
  • x1 pair of children’s scissors
  • x1 ream of white paper


*Toddler classes:*

  • x1 pack of crayons
  • x1 pack pritt glue stick


*Pre-school classes:*

  • x1 pack of tripod coloured pencils
  • x1 bottle of white craft glue


Please pack a backpack for your child on a daily basis including the following:

  • A Sunhat (which will stay at school)
  • A change of clothing (which will stay at school)
  • A Healthy Snack in a labelled lunch box (Please no junk food or juice)
  • Water in a labelled water bottle
  • A Plastic bag for any dirty/wet clothing

Tips for Tear free Goodbyes

  • Reintroduce the teacher to your child. Allow them to form an initial relationship. Make it clear that you trust the teacher and are at ease with her watching your child.
  • When it’s time to go, make sure to say good-bye to your child. Never sneak out. As tempting as it may be, leaving without saying good-bye to your child risks her trust in you.
  • Once you say good-bye, leave promptly. A long farewell scene might only serve to reinforce a child’s sense that preschool is a bad place.
  • Express your ease with leaving. Some parents wave from outside the classroom window or make a funny good-bye face.
    • Don’t linger. The longer you stay, the harder it is. Let your child know that you’ll be there to pick her up, and say “See you later!” once she’s gotten involved in an activity.
  • Learn the other kids’ names. When you can call your child’s classmates by name (“Look, Matthew, there is a space at the train table with Eli and Katie”), it makes school seem familiar and safe.

Parent Communication

Nurture and Nature Montessori have a strong focus on maintaining regular communication with our parents:

  • Nurture and Nature Montessori offers parents an online application which provides a virtual window into the classroom. This allows you to stay up date with the development and progress of your child
  • Weekly updates sent to you regarding your child’s unique progress during the previous week. The update includes information regarding the weekly theme covered in class which gives you the opportunity to reinforce the concepts at home. The updates also include the area of work which your child progressed in as well as his interactions on the playground
  • Weekly photographs of school activities
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Comprehensive termly reports
  • Open door policy regarding any specific requirements or questions which you may have.


Most importantly – please come chat or give us a call about things small or big

Online progress monitoring

Extraordinary things happen at Nurture and Nature Montessori every day – We do our best to share these moments with you. Nurture and Nature Montessori simplifies parent communication, resulting in a more personalised connection with the school community by providing a virtual window into your child’s classroom. The Montessori compass application makes it easy to share academic progress, social development, and those wonderful moments of childhood spontaneity that help make your classroom such an enjoyable place.

Online Parent Portal

You can access important school information in real-time from any computer or phone. Your portal is password-protected and personalised to contain only the information that is relevant to the designated to your family.

Activity Reports

Activity Reports help answer the age-old question for you… what did my child do at school today? This summary of the child’s month helps make family time even better as you can engage your children in a real conversation about their school day.

Online Montessori Progress Reports

Our application makes it easy for you to see tangible evidence of your child’s academic and social development in an easy-to-read format.

Montessori Materials Photos & Descriptions

Our application aims to help educate you by sharing photos & descriptions of common Montessori works. Increased awareness of the many benefits of a Montessori education leads to increased appreciation. The end goal is to help turn you into advocates for Montessori.

Lunch menu

The Nurture and Nature lunch menu is based on a combination of nutritious recipes which are constantly updated in order to give our children as much exposure to different foods as possible. All our meals are prepared daily by our on-site chef.

We strive to reach a balance between the foods that children like and those which exhibit good nutritional value.

Our menu is based on a 10-day cycle which includes 4 vegetarian meals, 2 chicken meals, 2 fish meals and 2 beef meals.

Our school believes that nutritious meals must be a part of every child’s diet. Meal time provides a great opportunity to nutrition education as well as grace and courtesy; saying “thank you,” “please,” “you’re welcome” and passing food to other children are the basics of good mannerism. We allow the children to be seated with child sized furniture with child sized crockery and cutlery in order to truly experience dining.

Examples of lunch include:

  • Cottage pie
  • Tuna Pasta
  • Chicken , rice and vegetables
  • Macaroni and Cheese with hidden vegetables

Examples of our aftercare snack include:

  • Fruit salad and yogurt
  • Freshly baked muffins
  • Provita, cucumbers and cheese